Drinking water filters

The quality of Estonian groundwater, which we consume daily as drinking water, varies from one area to another. The water is often too hard, contains large quantities of iron, manganese, suspended matter, gases (e.g. radon, hydrogen sulphide), humus, nitrogen compounds, etc. Iron is to blame when the water looks, smells or tastes unpleasant. Manganese affects water quality about the same way as iron. Hard water damages home appliances: it clogs water heating boilers, kettles, washing machines, coffeemakers, mixers, etc. with scale. All unwanted elements and compounds may be removed by filters. In most cases filters for iron removal and water softening are necessary. Available are models for small objects, e.g. private dwellings, as well as for large users (multi-storey buildings, groups of houses, small settlements, etc.).

Thanks to efficient filter media modern water filters are long-living, reliable and of high capacity. The accumulated iron and other foreign matter is automatically flushed out, and the filter media regenerated at fixed intervals or after passing through of a given amount of water. No additional chemicals are required.

For choosing a most suitable filter the water should be analyzed and, as choosing is quite complicated, expert aid could be useful. For this the specialists of Fixtec Ltd are at your disposal.