BioFix 50 – BioFix 150

The plants BioFix 50 to BioFix 150 (50 to150 m3/d; 300 to1000 PE), which are designed for treating wastewater of medium sized and comparatively large objects, consist of the following main components:

  • screen well with a manually cleaned or mechanical screen;;
  • primary clarifier;
  • bioreactor;
  • secondary clarifier, in which also chemical phosphorus precipitation takes place;
  • excess sludge tank;
  • sludge dewatering equipment (optional).

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Reoveepuhasti B...

An optional solution is proposed in which chemical phosphorus precipitation takes place prior to biological treatment. In this case the bioreactor is smaller, because a large amount of pollutants (60% to 90% of suspended solids, 40% to 70% of BOD, and 60% to 90% of total phosphorus) is removed before entering the bioreactor. The secondary clarifier may also be unnecessary due to the special characteristics of aerated biofilter technology (the fixed to the support media film is mineralized in situ and the content of sloughed-off film does not exceed the allowed 25 mg/l). Plants with chemical pre-treatment are recommended, when low winter temperature of wastewater hems biological treatment.

Plants BioFix 50 to BioFix 150 are mostly placed underground. A part of the technical equipment (air blower, control board, chemical tank and dosage equipment, etc) are situated in a above-ground service container or, in the case of larger plants, in a service building which houses also a mechanical screen and a sludge dewatering device.

The screen well, secondary clarifier and excess sludge tank are made of plastic, and the bioreactor of stainless steel.

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