Fixed film support media

In a fixed film treatment plant, be it a trickling filter (e.g. Bioclere), a fixed film reactor or an aerated submerged biofilter (Biofix, Biofix Biocon), all or a part of the biotic community lives on the surface of a support media. As the purification efficiency depends upon the abundance of micro-organisms, it is essential that the specific surface of the support media were as large as possible. Nowadays the media elements are mainly made of plastic (PP, PE, PVC), which is simple to form. In trickling filters the support media has a specific surface of 90 to 200 m2/m3, and in the case of fixed film reactors 150 to 600 m2/m3.

Floating filter...

Support media:

a – Exponet (150–300 m2/m3) for fixed film reactors (Denmark);

b – Hufo (specific surface 90–200 m2/m3) for trickling filters (Estonia);

c – Floating media (200–600 m2/m3) for aerated submerged biofilters (Germany)