Sludge dewatering units


The patented sludge dewatering units Teknobag®Draimad® are designed for dewatering wastewater sludge in a simple and cheap manner. The units may also be used for diminishing the water content of various liquid industrial residues.

The Teknobag®Draimad® range consists of manual as well as fully automatic units. The main components of the fully automatic Draimad 03...12BCAVPK are the unit frame, static mixer, automatic valve, distribution manifold, dewatering bags, bag clamps and trolley, flocculent dosing unit CMPO3-M with a stirrer and metering pump, compressor and central control console.

Efficiency example: 6 tons of residual sludge containing 1% of dried solid matter was dewatered in a 6-sack Draimad unit and 6 x 80 = 480 kg of dewatered sludge was obtained. The mass of sludge diminished 12.5-fold (6000:480 = 12.5), i.e. the dried matter content rose to 12.5% and 5 520 kg (92%) of water was removed! If follows drying in open air and the dried matter content rises to 45%, the mass of sludge would be diminished 45-fold. In the case of sludge with an initial dried matter content of 3%, the capacity of a six-bag unit would be 2 tons of sludge per day.